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Discover the enchanting charms of the Essaouira region like never before with our guided tours on 100% electric vintage vehicles
Eco-friendly Discovery

Ride silently on a fully electric vintage vehicle that's easy-to-use and requires no license. This is an entirely new, fun, and ecological way to explore the surroundings of Essaouira.

Exclusive Guided Tours

Led by passionate hosts, our hour-long to half-day expeditions offer breathtaking views, fascinating visits, and warm encounters that will immerse you in the heart of Moroccan culture.

Authentic Experience

With small group sizes, we ensure that your experience is both personal and authentic, offering a level of immersion that goes well beyond a typical sightseeing tour.

All-Inclusive Rates

Feel free to leave your wallet at the hotel. Our all-inclusive tours offer a complete and transparent experience with absolutely no hidden fees.

Bilingual Hosts

Open up easily to the locals thanks to our amazing hosts speaking both English/French and the local language.

Kid-friendly Ride

Our tours are open to children from 10 years old as a passenger and 16 years old as a driver (no license required).


Experience the extraordinary !

Secrets of the Oasis

Full Experience

Discover the largest oasis in the region, north of Essaouira, in the Chiadma and Doukkala villages. A bucolic ride through fields and orchards, along irrigation canals, in the shade of date palms and olive trees. After a 3-course lunch in a place of supernatural beauty, you will see the famous Bizmoune cave before trying your hand at thousand-year-old basket-making.

Duration: Full day (10:30-18:00)

Departure time: 10:30am

Included: Return luxury shuttles from your accommodation, departure coffee, your guide, exclusive vehicles, vintage helmets, natural appetizer, 3-course lunch, refreshing drinks, wonderful souvenir gift for ladies, traditional tea & pastries, Gopro & DJI videos of your unforgettable day.

Price per person:
€180 - 1950 MAD if 1 p/ bike
€ 135 - 1470 MAD if 2p/bike
€ 105 - 1150 MAD if < 14 years

Our most exclusive ride

Twilight by the sea

Classic Tour

Explore Essaouira’s coastline by riding the beach at low tide as far as the sandy palace and return to Essaouira and its port by following in the footsteps of the hippies.

Duration: 2 hours

Departure time: at low tide

Included: Guided tour, beach ride, exclusive vehicles and vintage helmets.

Price per person:
€53 - 590 MAD if 1p/bike
€42 - 470 MAD if 2p/bike

The 3 Valleys Journey

Full Experience

Begin an exhilarating journey from the stunning Sidi Kaouki coastline through charming rural hamlets to Morocco’s smallest grocery shop. Wander through the Argan hills, watching goats perched in the branches. Savor a rich Moroccan lunch inside a painter’s gallery. Conclude your adventure in a picturesque Berber village nestled among the mountains.

Duration: 3/4 of a day (5:30)

Departure time: 10:30am

Included: Return luxury shuttles from your accommodation, breakfast supplement, coffee, your guide, exclusive vehicles, vintage helmets, refreshing drinks, attractive souvenir gift for ladies, 3-course meal in an artist's gallery Gopro & DJI videos of your adventures.

Price per person:
€145 - 1580 MAD 1p/bike
€85 - 930 MAD for 2nd p<14 years

The Grand tour of Essaouira

Classic Tour

Enjoy a mix of discovering Essaouira’s prestigious past and a glimpse of its beautiful countryside. After riding along the ramparts and the coast, visiting the Sultan’s old summer palace and passing through Jimi Hendrix’s village, a Berber family will introduce you to argan oil production.

Duration: 3 hours

Departure times: 10:30am, 12am , 1:30pm, 3:30pm.

Included: Guided tour, driving on exclusive vehicles, vintage helmets, tea and cakes.

Price per person:
€85 - 930 MAD if 1p/bike
€65 - 710 MAD if 2p/bike

The Sunset Odyssey

Full Experience

Embark on an unforgettable adventure starting in a picturesque Berber village, meeting a clay artist, exploring Argan hills, spotting wildlife, and interacting with locals. Conclude with a breathtaking sunset stroll along the coast of Sidi Kaouki, where the wild beauty of untouched beaches will leave you speechless.

Duration: 3/4 of a day (5:30)

Departure time: 2:45pm

Included: Guided tour, driving on exclusive vehicles, vintage helmets, access to a land art gallery, tea & pastries, refreshing drinks, and round-trip transfer.

Price per person:
€160 - 1750 MAD if 1p/bike
€125 - 1350 MAD if 2p/bike
€95 - 1040 MAD if < 14 years

Our best-seller

The Express Discovery

Classic Tour

This quick tour helps you understand Essaouira and discover its history, port and islands in a very entertaining way. It’s ideal at the start of your stay.

Duration: 1:15

Departure times: 10:30am, 12am, 1:30pm, 3pm, 4:30pm

Included: Guided tour, driving on exclusive vehicles and vintage helmets.

Price per person:
€39 - 420 MAD if 1p/bike
€29 - 315 MAD if 2p/bike

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